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Carporate projects:

AH works in Govt sector, NGOs, local and public sector widely.   we are professional in installation of  solar system.  we have completed some projects
  • CM House Mardan

    Installation Of water Pump of 3 & 4 inches
  • Installation of Solar Road lights

    AH international installed solar Road lights on Indus bridge on Motorway M1. near to swabi 
    interchange.this project completed.
  • Installation of solar water pump

    This pump  installed in DG khan having section head is 120 feet and discharge is one inch.
  • Installation of Solar Water Heater

     This Solar Water Heater (Geyser) installed  District Buner in hospital. 
  • Installation of Solar Water Heater

    This Solar Water Heater (Geyser) installed District Swat in Harza kabal capacity of 

    each Geyser is 300 litre
  • installation of solar Graden Light

    AH International has installed solar Garden Lights in district Nowshehra.
  • Installation of Solar Panel

    AH International has installed solar panel which can work at night 

    time from other light


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